Why the Jaguar F-type windscreen washer bottle is so smart

Jaguar F-Type washer bottle

The windscreen washer bottle department within JLR is bringing some impressive work to market at the moment.

We’ve already seen the extra-large washer bottle option on the Range Rover Sport: just the thing committed off-roaders need.

Over at Jaguar though, they’ve given us something even smarter – the rear-mounted washer bottle in the new Jaguar F-Type. Its blue DIN filler flap is proudly displayed to all who open the flat-deck bootlid on the Coventry firm’s long-awaited two-seater.

It’s there for a reason, Jaguar’s engineers told me: weight distribution. The F-Type is all-aluminium but it still has big, heavy engines and gearboxes up front. It’s not a 50:50 car like a BMW; the weight bias is frontwards. Moving the washer bottle as far back as possible doesn’t radically alter this but it does shift a few kg right to the back to counter it (actually, maybe more than a few kg: the XK appears to have a seven-litre reservoir!).

As the washer bottle is actually both far rewarwards and positioned aft of the rear wheels, the effect is more significant than you might expect. At least a few tenths of a per cent on the weight distribution figures, and possibly even more than this in dynamic assessments.

This is engineer’s engineering. The team could just have been stuck in the same place as in the XK, but someone has actually thought about this, realised that moving something easily movable could have a positive effect. The sort of engineering that’ll certainly stand Jaguar’s sports cars in good stead for their challenge in taking on the masters of detail engineering, Porsche.

Just make sure you keep it topped up, aye?