Why Renaultsports don’t have rear spoilers

RENAULTSPORT Megane customers want sporty cars, but they also want low running costs. Apparently.

That’s why Renault doesn’t fit a rear spoiler.

See, it would up the drag, worsen the Cd, and push up mpg.

That’s also why, it was explained to me on the car’s launch, there’s a RenaultSport Megane diesel – with multi-stage Piezo injectors, the last pulse of which is charged with burning off soot emissions. Overall, 45mpg. Good, oui?

Fear not though, I was told. Being racy is still the prime reason for the RenaultSport.

The need for bigger brakes, for example, led Renault to develop trick double-axis front suspension. Another benefit of which just happens to be high stiffness levels.

As an engineer explained, it means there’s ‘no wobble under hard acceleration, so no geometry loss, so no steering squirm.

‘During cornering, forces on the front outside corner are high, which distorts the suspension. Not on double-axis though, which is twice as stiff as MacPherson strut.’

And that’s not all. ‘Less parasitic movement means less need for steering correction, so it’s more precise…’

Blimey. But yet more precise still is the Cup version. This has ‘reinforced dampers, 37 percent more rear spring stiffness, and ESP that can be turned completely off.’ Hardcore features for hardcore drivers.

Clio Cup Runneth Over

He was a handling geek, my insider. And how I delighted in speaking with him, over the fizzy water. I soon got him onto the Clio RenaultSport, where his revelations were just as cool.

Did you know, for example, the Clio’s seats help lower the car’s centre of gravity? It’s also 27 percent stiffer in spring, and 10 percent firmer in damping… ‘And the double-axis front suspension separates steering efforts from the damper.’

Now, it was a veritable flurry of gems from him. Four-pot Brembos come on the Clio, which he revealed to me (but not the guys within Renault who control costs) are ‘oversized’.

The rear diffuser? It has a 26 degree angle, creating a depression under the car, which ‘weights’ the back down at speed. Not only does it reduce lift by a factor of 3, but it also ‘primes’ the suspension for best response at speed.

Genius. And for real.

I can’t repeat what he said about makers who fit false rear diffusers.

‘The diffuser also does away with the need for a rear boot spoiler,’ he added.

Which takes us back to the start. That’s why Renault doesn’t fit one to the Clio RenaultSport, either. But why, ahem, Vauxhall has to fit one to the ‘diffuser-equipped’ Corsa VXR. Ahem, ahem.

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