Why I’m now a card-carrying Ford fan

Were you a card-carrying Ford fan at the New York Motor Show? Thanks to an initiative from the blue oval, there was every encouragement to make you so.

It was a bit of a masterstroke. Ford had installed a kiosk with online Macs and a little terminal handing out credit card sized ‘Ford cards’. These were contactless cards, which you registered by touching it to a pad on the desk and filling in your email address to register. It took 10 seconds.

Then, with said Ford card in hand, simply walk around the exhibits and, at the ones you like, touch your card on the vehicle information post (like the bloke on the slide in the Barclaycard ad). A quick bleep later and an online brochure and spec pack was winging its way to your virtual ‘Ford Garage’ ready to dive into later.

Brilliant, no?

Naturally, you can also Tweet or post to Facebook any that take your fancy, conveniently also showcasing the fact you visited the show to your friends and followers, too.

That’s why I now have US brochures for the Ford Focus ST, Explorer and Flex sitting in the virtual blue oval world – oh, and why I’ll be taking my blue oval card with me should I ever visit Detroit, LA or any of the other big US auto shows.

See, this is not a single motor show initiative, but one that Ford keeps rolling for all the events it’s at. Neat way for loyalists to build up an online souvenir repository, as well as helping current owners keep track of all the new model year cars.

An initiative Ford may consider for Europe? When everyone’s back after Easter, I’ll be asking them.

More cards, some may cry. Yes, but if you’re a fan of the brand, certainly one you won’t quibble about carrying.

(BTW, US residents: I’m not eligible for the Vegas prize. So if I win, one of you will be going instead. Promise.)

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