Why do motoring journos love watches?

Motoring journos have a bit of a thing for watches.

No doubt because our lives are non-stop mad dashes against the clock. Nothing to do with a love of nice fancy cars somehow complementing a love of nice fancy watches. Oh, no.

It’s all the more apparent on the bigger launches, attended by more established names who have money to spend on posh watches.

During lengthy press conferences, it’s a flash of Tag here, Breitling there, Omega up front; that Albanian farmer could clear £25k’s worth in minutes.

I’m not quite there in the Seamaster stakes, but still like a good watch. Like all good motoring journos, I thus perused the duty free at Munich airport this week.

Spotted the Swatch shown above. Cool, aye? Who says Swatch watches aren’t ace?

(Indeed, a designer chap once told me car designers SWEAR by Swatches. ‘Means we can change them to suit our clothes and tastes, without blowing a fortune…’)

Want to know why I really loved it, though?

Because of this.

Those dials are from a 50s Porsche Speedster, and sport the green icons all early Porsches were graced with. Gorgeous, aye?

It’s certainly my reason why I love THAT watch. Explaining the appeal of a Gold Seamaster, though, is beyond me.

Give me a few years/promotions, mind, and who knows…

Why do you think motoring journos love watches?