VIDEO: Porsche 911 Turbo on test

CAR feature photo shoots consist of artists doing their magic and journos doing all they can to actually be useful.

We clean the cars, polish their wheels, shuffle them about to get the right angles, take notes, try to stay out of the sun, Tweet and try to manage emails/calls/SMS from the office.

That’s for the statics. Moving shots? We find sexy corners, drop off the snapper on the most dangerous spot possible, and drive through said corner many, many times.

Such practice means we get progressively faster, perfecting our line and seeing how sideways we dare get someone else’s car. It makes us feel like an F1 driver, in our own little fantasy world.

Studio-trained photographer par excellence Alisdair Cusick caught a little of this on a recent shoot for Total 911. Watch the video below – it’s your man, flapping in the flatspot of a Turbo flatnose.

Ace fun! Ali will always say just one more run. And I never mind – particularly this time round…

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