Pugsey debuts for BBC Children In Need!

Peugeot has created something utterly charming and quite brilliant for BBC Children In Need 2012 – the Pudsey Peugeot badge…

Or, as Twitter PR legend Jeremy Clarke quite brilliantly tweeted today, Pugsey!

@lawsonclarke, you should work in… oh…

But why’s it been created? Well, this is the first year of Peugeot’s partnership with the children’s charity. Its already been running the ‘Pudsey’s Dream Wheels’ online game, allowing users to create a whizz 208, donate to charity and maybe even win one for good measure.

The Pugsey logo is utter genius, though. It’s today ran in The Sun, Metro and The Times, and can right now also be seen on Peugeot’s social media channels.

It’s the first time Peugeot has redesigned its logo like this, so something of an event for automotive geeks. The result? One of the cutest and most iconic pieces of Children In Need branding yet.

I’m sure it’s not the first we’ll see of Pugsey, particularly as it illustrates that famous logos CAN be given a cute temporary twist if done intelligently. Something that helps build the brand’s history, rather than quickly proving something to be forgotten in coming years.

Other examples here? Well, BMW’s PRAT roundel has to be right up there for similarly ingenious one-off rebranding. I also love what Jaguar’s done with the Academy of Sport logo, which is particularly fitting in this 2012 London Olympic year.

What else is out there, though? Any other brilliant examples of logos being given a brilliant one-off twist? Or, indeed, brutal badge botch-jobs? Share there here with me… I promise to tweet every example of genius!

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