Porsche misses obvious weight saving tweak

The Porsche Boxster Spyder is 80kg lighter than the Porsche Boxster S, which is a praiseworthy weight saving.

However, I know a way it could have been an 80.0014kg weight saving (approx). By deleting a dash button that – shock horror – is completely unnecessary!

The Porsche Boxster Spyder has, unlike other Boxsters, a fixed rear spoiler. This replaces the snazzy pop-up spoiler of standard models, that raises at 62mph to reduce rear lift (by around 40%).

So why, pray, does it still have the manual override button on the dashboard? This seems a rare oversight by the obsessively detailed Porsche: It clearly knows there’s no wing, because pressing it doesn’t illuminate the LED… but shouldn’t it be removed entirely, and replaced by a blanking plate?

After all, without the button mechanism, vital extra zero-point-zero-point fractions of kgs would be saved, thus making the Boxster Spyder accelerate a fly’s breath faster. Who knows when the minute extra could prove important.

(Besides, hasn’t Porsche removed the plastic instrument cluster hood and interior pull doorhandles to save weight? If they’re so crucial, why not this?)

It’s seemingly minor, but glaringly important at the same time. Porsche is a company of fanatics – how has a detail such as this, on one of its best affordable driver’s cars ever, been left to pass?

Hopefully, not all Porsche Boxster Spyder customers are as hopelessly geekish as I.

Or maybe they are. See, I’m not the only one to notice it, either…