Porsche makes cranky Cayenne cool

Everyone’s least favourite Porsche is the Cayenne. (Yes, even the 924 has fans).

But here’s why it’s suddenly cool: the Porsche Design Edition 3.

Now, we’ve already seen Cayman and Boxster Design Edition models. They, like this Cayenne, are jazzed-up Porsches, by the company’s industrial and product design division in Austria.

The Design Studio over there has fairly gone to town on the Cayenne, with special paint, 21-inch wheels, unique design stripes and an Alcantara-shod interior. If that’s not quite stand out enough, there’s a double-decker rear wing offered as a no-cost option.

All rather exciting, especially as only 1000 of the £64k 405bhp V8 Cayenne will be made. But the best part is not the SUV, but the bits that come with it.

Such as, a Porsche Design Chronograph watch. Yes, really. This is a unique Design Edition 3 timepiece, and there will only be as many as there are Cayennes.

In true game show style though, that’s not all. There’s also a four-piece Porsche Design Edition 3-branded luggage set. Yes, even suitcases are made cool by Porsche.

Both are seriously wantable possessions. Both will ensure sky-high valuations, in 3 decades’ time, for any Design Edition 3 Cayenne with both still in tact.

Both are reasons why I want to buy a Cayenne Design Edition 3, squirrel the goodies away in the loft, and then… well, go up into the loft and look at them occasionally. Then hide them away again. It’s a car geek thing.

I would have done the same with those Golf GTI MkII Anniversary forged alloy wheels I almost won on eBay. I certainly do with my Golf GTI MkII 16v uncut key, complete with 16v cap-on-a-string in place.

Who understands?


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