Porsche 911 50th Anniversary: GREEN dials!

I’m a car dial geek. So it was with relish that, sidetracked from 918 Spyder fever for a moment, I stuck my head inside the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary edition at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Behold! Just like the first 911s, it has a green typeface for its dials. Brilliant!

Not only that, the needles also have silver centres, and white needles… it could almost still be called 901, so authentic do they look (well, apart from the digital display pack. And water temperature dial…).

In an era of car manufacturers changing their instrument colour at will, this sort of detail dial design is wonderful. Proof that Porsche’s latest designers have actually looked at the cars of the past, that they feel the colour of the thing drivers perhaps look most of all at really matters.

It seems you can’t authentically celebrate the history of the 911 if your dials are lit in white and the needles pointing to them are red.

Other retro touches on the 911 50th are nerdy-good, too: the chrome ‘911’ script on the engine cover; its black and chrome air slats; the houndstooth seat trim. Much more than simply putting on badges or stickers – and the fact this is a wide-body 991 with rear-wheel drive (something that certainly worked on the 997 GTS) makes it a particularly delicious new 911.

Can’t wait to drive it. Wonder what other small but magnificent cues to the original I’ll discover in it when I do…

For an extra slice of 911 geekery, here’s Brit Porsche stalwart Tony Hatter talking about a rather lovely-looking 911 50th in a video on, um, 911 fascination...