New MINI launch code Easter Egg


The all-new 2014 MINI has been revealed today – and here’s one detail you may not have spotted: the registration numbers.

OX4 6NL? SN3 4PE? What’s that all about?

Well, rather brilliantly, they relate to the places that make the MINI: OX4 6NL is the postcode of Plant Oxford, where I’m writing this from, and SN3 4PE is the postcode of the Swindon factory that makes bodyshells for the MINI.

Neat detail, huh? And proof that MINI is both proud of the car’s British roots and can also be a bit geeky in a way that Brits will appreciate but will be lost on the rest of the world.

Just one question: where’s B46 1GB? That’s the postcode for Hams Hall, which is where the MINI’s sprightly-sounding new three-cylinder engines are made.

Surely the third point in the production triumvirate shouldn’t be left out?

I’m off to ask someone here from MINI: I’ll report back later…