Jaguar XKR-S: tunnel run YouTube star

Jaguar launched the XKR-S at Portugal’s Portimao circuit – whose infield was accessed via a long, tall and deliciously tempting tunnel.

We needed infield access as we were driving the XKR-S there. As Jaguar’s test rota included both track and road action, we were in and out of said tunnel a lot.

Which, in the XKR-S, meant only one thing. Giving it full beans through the tunnel, and indulging in Jaguar’s wonderfully naughty exhaust on the XKR-S.

Loud and lush even in normal mode, the Active Exhaust valves open even more rudely in Dynamic mode. What else to do, then, than to charge through the tunnel in Dynamic mode, windows down, in sheer indulgence.

Cue the Jaguar XKR-S’ tunnel run debut, then. And one exceedingly brassed-off Portuguese security guard, whose office (and afternoon slumber) was constantly disturbed by the bellowing echo of Jaguar’s cracking 5.0-litre supercharged V8.

Poor guy. We were in one of the first groups. The schedule runs for another three and a half weeks. Best get used to it, I reckon.

Besides, you’re a motor racing circuit security guard. How can you not fall in love with the noise made by the mighty Jaguar XKR-S?

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