Image of the Day: Jaguar at SCOTY

The Scottish Car of the Year is an event we non-Scot journos consider with equal fear and envy.

It sounds a riotously good night out, with the great and the good of the PR world making the annual pilgrimage to wonderful Scotland: it’s brilliantly supported and always generates loads of coverage.

Which, this year, has generated an image of the day for me. Checking the news today, I was greeted with the above treat. What does it say? Why, that Jaguar has triumphed in the SCOTY. I needed the associated press release to add only detail. Cool, aye?

Those details are that Jaguar actually triumphed three times last night, with the XF diesel, XKR-S and a special award for the E-Type. Land Rover added two more for the JLR haul ā€“ including overall Scottish Car of the Year for the Range Rover Evoque ā€“ meaning even more reason for the chaps from the Midlands to indulge in the other aspect of the SCOTY awards.

Yes, that’s the part we non-Scots fear as well as envy: the famous Scottish hospitality. Legend has it, bedtime is late, if it happens at all, while the heads of most attendees the next day are usually described in words not printable here. It’s one of those nights, in other words…

No, I wouldn’t have been saying it last night but maybe, right now, checking the results of the SCOTY from afar is the best place to be…

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