How to make a motoring journalist happy

Mad cars and people who are mad about cars? Makes for a perfect day.

So it proved this week when I was given a double dose of why-I-love-the-jobbery.

For Total 911 magazine, I write ‘classic road tests’. These are a modern-eyes drive in a classic Porsche, offering a retrospective look at just what made each special.

This month, it was the turn of the 964 Turbo 3.6. A rare car indeed: only around 1000 were built, and there are barely 40 in the UK. Finding one for the feature, in holiday-packed August, was, shall we say, challenging.

Turbo 3.6 owner Steve Armitage to the rescue. A Porsche nut, Total 911 fan, someone more than happy to help us out and, as he proved on the day of the shoot, an all round Good Guy to boot.

Male bonding paragraph: Chaps such as Steve make a great job THE best. He was helpful, trusting, listened to what we wanted and did his all to help us out. He did not treat us as a nuisance, did not forbid us doing things we suggested, understood we had a task list and made sure he helped us complete it.

We paid him back with a gem-like set of images, courtesy of Alisdair Cusick. Deal!

Model photoshoot

On gigs like this, it’s important as a journo to be as straight up as you can with the proud owner of the car. Respect is essential – fail to show this and you deserve moronic status.

Never forget, they don’t know you from Adam. It’s vital you thus eradicate any hint of cocky, arrogant, primadonnary. Pretend you’re on the other side instead. Pretend it’s your car.

When, though, it is reciprocated with the warmth our man Steve did this week – well, it makes every windswept moorland February photoshoot worthwhile. Nope, they’re not all like last week, but when they come around, how we savour ‘em.

Goodness, his wife even treated us to THE best toast at the start of the day. Lucky? You betcha!

Fingers crossed Steve now likes the feature…

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