F-Type: Jaguar’s Evoque

Jaguar F-TypeThe Range Rover Evoque continues to be an incredible success for Land Rover: it’s so popular, the factory building it is now running 24 hours a day just to meet demand.

This unprecedented around-the-clock production cycle, the first one ever at Halewood in half a century, is the biggest headline-grabbing indicator yet of the Evoque’s achievements.

Now, Jaguar wants some of the same, with its own icon car: the F-Type.

According to a poster on PistonHeads, management are already referring to the F-Type as Jaguar’s Evoque. Which, well makes complete sense and is ambition to be praised.

Jaguar F-TypeWhat does the brand want to become? A leftfield sporting manufacturer, snaring a slice of BMW and Audi’s customer base through an approach and image that’s bold, British and brazen. Simply, different. Jaguar wants to mimic their professionalism but not their perception: a multitude of initiatives are already underway to achieve this, but it needs something else besides.

A flag-bearer. A car that will grab the world’s attention and shout that Jaguar is changing. The F-Type could be this car.

The Evoque’s done it for Land Rover and Range Rover. Look how the new Rangie has been so influenced by it, look how staid the old one looks alongside it. The Evoque IS modern Land Rover, and everything it does from now on will be referenced to this fantastic current high water mark.

Jaguar needs the F-Type

Jaguar needs a similar car, one that sets out its ambitions with glaring clarity and leaves the world in no doubt it’s serious about becoming a relevent modern car brand. Management wants the F-Type to be that car.

From all we’ve seen, don’t bet against it. The F-Type looks set to be loud, fast and a Mike Cross-led delight through the corners. If Ian Callum’s clear excitement at the opportunity he’s been given translates into the finished product, we could indeed be set for a treat.

And then, suddenly, a BMW 3 Series-rivalling Jaguar saloon influenced by ‘the new E-Type’ becomes a whole lot more appealing. A Jaguar supercar gains a lot more conviction. Even a Jaguar saloon and estate to rival the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class are viewed with greater understanding of their approach.

Jaguar F-Type; the new Evoque? Here’s hoping.

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