Aston Martin Lagonda SUV: the Porsche Cayenne rival that never was

080812600_1236180974Remember the fuss caused by an iconic British sportscar maker at the Geneva Motor Show when it revealed a bold premium SUV concept?

Yes, Aston Martin really caused a stir when it revealed the Lagonda SUV.

Chortle. This time last year, we were still reeling from the shock Bentley pulled off at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with the EXP 9F. Yet many of us had forgotten the equally stormy Lagonda SUV, which Aston showed at the 2009 Geneva show.

With modern eyes, though, was it really that bad?

Aston Martin’s Porsche Cayenne

The idea behind it was for the brand to expand. Even then, it was obvious that Aston couldn’t carry on just making sports cars, and would have to diversify in the way Porsche was increasingly doing.

The Lagonda was a mooted idea towards that. Based on the Mercedes GL, it would have used Aston’s 6.0-litre V12 and probably some smaller-capacity Benz units too. The first-ever diesel Aston? Almost certainly.

So, look at it again, after seeing the Bentley. Also, view it with 2013 eyes, that dictate premium SUVs from sports car makers aren’t such a crazy idea after all. Looks a lot better, no?

It was a concept, so hopefully details would have been refined. That heavy rear quarter would undoubtedly need fixing for starters. But the rest of it is fine. Convincing. Certainly more appealing than many aspects of the scary EXP 9F.

Really, the problem with the Lagonda was being ahead of its time. It seemed a bizarre concept back then: today, thanks to a growing China, a thriving US and an increasingly powerful Middle East, it’s a must-have.

Aston should have bitten the bullet and signed the deal. There was definitely something there, and I believe it’s actually a setback for the company that it didn’t press on and produce it. If it had this in its lineup today, imagine how it could be thriving.

Porsche Cayennes make up more than half of Porsche’s sales. More than half! Imagine the Lagonda doing something on a lesser but no less significant scale for Aston. Tantalising, isn’t it?

What do you think? Is the lack of a Lagonda SUV a missed opportunity for Aston Martin?





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