VIDEO: Range Rover Evoque on the road

RANGE Rover scoops are everywhere these days, as the launch of the Evoque builds up.

I reckon I’ve got, err, one of the best so far (if you’ll indulge me in my fantasy…).

Here is the world’s first public driving video of the official Range Rover Evoque!

MARVEL as it exits the corner.

GASP as it wafts by the camera.

BE WOWED as it, err, rolls back into security-guarded secrecy.

OK, it was actually the Range Rover Evoque driving off stage following its public reveal at Kensington Palace. (You know, the ‘Posh Spice and Zara Phillips’ one).

Even so, it was driving, it was right after the launch, which (technically, of sorts) makes this a World First Drive video!

I jest. Looks good though, no?