Paris Motor Show 2010: WiFi Who-Do?

Paris Motor Show regulars will be familiar with the aggro-infused inadequacy of the press room.

Last year, I was trodden on and kicked for several hours as I perched on the floor slotting into a rare remaining free space.

No more! Well, not if I can help it. For which, car makers and PR friends, I need your help… to help other journos, too.

Will your Paris Motor Show stand have WiFi? If so, what are the details?

Email me or reply below if so, and I’ll make up the list here as we count down to show-go-day. You will be doing me, and everyone else, a massive press-room-avoiding favour…

Paris 2010 WiFi Hit List

Chevrolet: Confirmed (Pav. 5.2, stand 506)

Lexus: Confirmed (Pav. 4, stand 120)

Toyota: Possible (Pav. 4, stand 114)

SEAT: Confirmed (Pav. 4, stand 130)