Naked man shock in SEAT Human Carwash

SEAT stunned journos this weekend at the Leeds festival – not an easy feat, given how cynical some of our ilk are.

These are people that would greet the fuel-free flying car with mumblings about the pattery low-speed ride in cumulus clouds, so to get jaws dropping was quite an achievement.

Thank the Human Carwash, SEAT’s latest brainwave at boosting brand awareness. It’s one of those smart ideas that marketing types love; the outcome of Blue Sky debates such as this:

We’re sponsoring a festival… people get dirty at festivals… we need an attraction to get people talking… must be random… and on message… which clearly means we should stack two metal containers on top of each other, install on-display showers for brave sorts to shower in public, throw in a decent DJ – oh, and get some sultry girls to help said showerees apply the shower gel.

And so the SEAT Human Carwash was born.

It wasn’t this that surprised us when we checked it out, though. Nor the car stuck on the top, nor a position by the main entrance guaranteeing interest.

No, it was the Crazy Naked Guy.

Within 5 minutes of us being there, musing on the boldness of some youths having a cheeky shower in their boxers, Crazy Naked Guy showed them how REAL men take showers.

By waking up naked and, well, having a shower. A long shower. A proper shower including, how shall we say, all intimacies covered. Utterly priceless, it was: a collective of cynics, totally speechless.

Crazy Naked Guy was not a natural Leonardo, but that didn’t stop him. We spluttered. He carried on. We looked round. It was a cheering throng. We suddenly realised we were a bit too close to the front for comfort, taking a few too many photographs to keep appearances up.

We shuffled away, leaving Crazy Naked Guy to it.

Yup, this pants-drop sure caused a collective jaw-drop. Surprisingly, none of the journos there were inspired to do likewise.

Yes, bashful journos? That’s another first you managed there, SEAT.