Ford flawless factsheet find: PR finery

FORD ran a press launch for the facelifted S-Max range last month – and, in each test car, laid an A4 factsheet.

I cribbed one of these and was so impressed, I thought I’d share it here.

Basically, it contains everything a motoring journo needs to know on the launch drive of a new car. Which, remember, we usually approach blind, or armed with but the merest facts. This, thus, is magic to us.

See, you tell us all about the car at the press conference in the evening. All that doesn’t help us upon first acquaintance, though!

To Ford’s marvelous factsheet, then. Basically, it’s a double-side of A4, with all the key gen: sales stats and facts, what the ‘new’ car you’re in is, in a nutshell, all about, plus the background of how it came to be.

Then, bulletpoints. Indeed, categorised bulletpoints! Of exactly what’s new, both outside and in (and we really love bulletpoints).

Snippets such as ‘New LED tail lights’, ‘Chrome strip around glass area’ and ‘New interior colour, graphics and materials’ help us no end in pinpointing the bits you’ve changed – and making a judgment on them at the time, rather than from memory.

Ford even goes on to summarise the car’s new technology – in a line or two, not a chapter or two! – and then outlines other engines and transmissions also available.

In short, it’s a dream. Journos can nick it (which, of course, we will do) and be fully genned up afterwards, plus far better informed at the time. That’s how easily pleased we are, see..!

Now Ford’s got the ball rolling, though, who’s going to improve on it?

+ What’s your favourite car maker press format?
+ When a maker mentions interior quality, do you rate this by tapping said parts with your knuckle?
+ What’s an absolute press release no-no?

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