City to city (to city) for Twycle

Doing my bit for CLIC charity fundraising epic Twycle Britain hasn’t been easy: meetings, deadlines, more deadlines following meetings…

All that scuppered my plan to ride a stage alongside the team, to my immense regret. So I decided instead to run a half marathon. As you (or, rather, I) do.

Lo, though, the day before the run, I destroyed my foot (well, pulled it, or something – Wiki diagnosis is an inexact science).

Only one thing for it, then. Back to the bike. And a city-to-city early doors run, to give me a taste of what the heroes did earlier in the week.

They rode from John O’Groats to Lands End. Incredible. Me, I only rode from Wolverhampton, to Birmingham, and back – but believe me, that was enough. Nearly 25 miles, and by the end of it, I was tired, cold, hungry and emotional.

How they roused themselves to do 6 or 7 times’ this distance, every day for a WEEK – well, words fail me.

The support of the car industry helped – ex-car chiefs finding rooms in their hotels, Lexus supplying support RX team vehicles, the Dealdrivers team doing their all to spread the word – so it was only right I belatedly did my bit.

When I can summon the energy to get my credit card, I’ll be donating. Read about why I am here: Hopefully it’ll encourage you to do so, too.

Such a superhuman effort deserves no less, I reckon!