BMW April Fool brilliance (once again)

BMW has once again pulled off a slice of April Fool brilliance.

Remember last year, and its ingenious political allegiance badge spoof? Well, smart as that was, it’s beaten it this year.

With an M3 Pickup – yes, an M3 Pickup. Yes, an M3 Pi… etc. See the gallery below. Doesn’t it look, er, nuts?

Current word is, it’s based on the M3 Convertible, and can take a 450kg payload at the back. It uses the standard 420hp 4.0-litre V8, and even has a removable Targa top for roof-free-ness.

More details? Sketchy, at time of writing (6am on April 1). I’m in Munich right now, though, where BMW said it’ll tell me more at a BMW M GmbH event.

I spoke to the PR man last night, and apparently, the images leaked early. So lips are sealed for now… he did, however, hint at another surprise this morning. Seems BMW wants to make up for this one escaping.

More updates as I find out more…

UPDATE: It’s the first BMW M3 available with a tow bar. It can hold 20 sets of golf clubs. It can lug 450kg on the back axle.

It is also as aerodynamically efficient as the M3 Coupe – they found this out as they tested it in the windtunnel, despite it being a one-off (“it’s the cut-off rear end,” joked one engineer).

Oh, and why was it tested in the tunnel? To develop the removable Targa roof – which, if you take it off, lightens it by 20kg more than the 50kg saving already gained over the regular car.

It is also road-legal – but will be limited to 200km/h, despite being capable of more than 300km/h (186mph). Why? Because it’s registered as a truck – and, in Germany, they’re limited to a 200km/h maximum…