Pirelli tyres: a key into F1

Pirelli is bringing colour into F1 with a great example of a quickly-recognised cognitive key.

6 different colours of tyre sidewall markings are to be used – enabling fans to visually identify which grade of tyre the driver is running on.

The colours will take some learning, but it’ll be worth it for those who love ‘reading’ races. They are:

  • Orange: Wet
  • Light blue: Intermediate
  • Red: Supersoft
  • Yellow: Soft
  • White: Medium
  • Silver: Hard

Orange and blue will be used in wet races, meaning most F1 races will see a mix of red, yellow, white and silver.

Remembering which is which will at first require a mnenomic, though. Any thoughts?

I’m musing: pointers include silver/metal/hard, white/in the middle/medium and red/raw/soft (as they’re likely to, ahem, be ‘rubbed away’ rapidly)… maybe, even, ‘hot laps on the reds’…

Good lord. Please, do you have a better one?

Comment below and vote for your favourite!