Nic Hamilton: in the family

Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicolas Hamilton starred in his first motor race last weekend – in the family tradition, on live TV.

Also in family tradition, he had a stellar first lap, with a great start and some tenacious diving-for-gaps earning him a good few places by the first corner. Remind you of anyone?

Nic Hamilton’s racing in the cut-and-thrust of Renault Clios. As an ardent fan of the championship, I wouldn’t wish it on any beginner – yet Nic lined up on Sunday for his first race, after just 3 months driving a race car.

Before then, it was Gran Turismo and Forza: like Nissan/PlayStation star Lucas Ordonez, Nic’s been turned into a real life racing driver courtesy of the finest coaching. Power to him, as well.

There’s a local interest for me here, though. See, over Christmas, I went jogging, on a slightly different route around the Wednesbury home of my girlfriend Tam. And what should I see, but the metallic grey trucks of Total Control Racing – complete with fluorescent orange ‘TCR’ logo bouncing off the snow I was pretty foolishly jogging upon.

I thus found out more: discovered they’re a team that competes (or has competed) in the Renault Clio Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup ,Ginetta G50 Cup and SEAT Leon Championship. Quite a role call.

And, now, I’ve also found out they’re running the boy Hamilton in the Clios this year. A chap down the road has even probably stuck on the Vodafone logos that caught the attentions of so many at Brands this weekend (not least big bro Lewis).

That’s quite cool. Hence, I’m going to find out more. I’m off to Donington next week, for both some BTCC action and a catch-up with the TCR boys.

More anon: for now, make sure you watch ITV4 next Sunday, for the latest in installment in the Hamilton racing dynasty.

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