F1 insight: A view inside the BRDC

BRDC members have a prime spot to watch the Silverstone Grand Prix each year.

The famed building, right next to the pits entry, is a Silverstone landmark and THE place to be if you’ve earned the right to be one of Britain’s motor racing elite.

Today, Damon Hill will preside over a cast of hundreds – including Sir Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell, Derek Warwick and umpteen other fan’s favourites.

I was able to have a peek on Friday night, too, as the BRDC hosted members of the press, including GOMW members. So, to see from where they’ll be watching, check out the gallery below.

It shows the three-storey building’s smart chairs, live-feed TVs and panoramic roof balcony from where most will be packed come 1pm today.

There are more images on my Facebook Page too. Oh, to be a Brit motor racing star and earn the right to apply for membership…