Mapping the weather by car

Nearly every new car on sale comes equipped with an onboard thermometer.

The Vauxhall Cavalier was one of the first cars I can remember to have one. How we all were awed by it.

Now, I can’t name a car that lacks one. Good job: I’d be lost without it. Serving my geeky side so very well, I look at it almost as much as I glance at the trip computer (a lot, then, for those who know me).

Which has given me an idea.

Namely, to embrace the in-car temperature gauge, plus the power of Twitter, to give the nation a new real time weather service.

It’s simple.

  1. Take a picture of your in-car thermometer
  2. Compose a tweet of this image
  3. Include two hashtags: #cartemp, and your #<location>

Bingo: one real-time state of the nation’s temperature. Example: ‘Cold in the #Midlands today. <image> #cartemp. ‘. Simples.

It’s potentially even neater if you include weather meta data. If it’s -2deg C and the snow’s just starting, tweet that. In the summer, if it’s 30deg C but raining, tweet it. Weather geeks everywhere will revel in such real-time data.

I’ll be doing it from now on, usually early doors. Fancy starting a movement? Then start tweeting #cartemp and let’s get on the Met Office’s weather radar.

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