AMG: we will never do a model without Mercedes

AMG will never build a standalone model as carrying Mercedes branding is considered a key part of the cars’ appeal.

Thomas Rappel, AMG brand director, said at the launch of the new SL 63 AMG that he is sure the firm “will never do” a solely AMG-branded car – putting paid to rumours and expectations that AMG will become a standalone maker.

“If you remove the three pointed star, you take perceived value out of the car; with this in mind, why would we do that?”

The Mercedes association is only positive, he continued. It brings an assumed level of service and quality, strong retained values, a global sales network to retail and support the cars and so on.

AMG adds its own core values to these – including driving performance (“an absolute number one”), a charismatic engine note and the ‘one man, one engine’ build principal that brings so much personality to the cars.

Even the SLS AMG, a car fully developed by AMG (not everyone realises this), received Mercedes branding. AMG is proud of its full-engineering achievements with this car but it is also proud Mercedes associated itself with it.

The AMG brand may have opened its first standalone dealership recently in Beijing, China, but the separation from Mercedes is not the logical next step.

Indeed, in the future, AMG looks set to only strengthen its ties with the brand that has fully owned it since 2005. AMG version of Mercedes’ potential next global hit, the A-Class? Although Rappel is not letting on, watch this space… AMG could be about to enter the mainstream – WITH Mercedes, not without it.

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